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AeroCheck eddy current flaw detector

Russell Fraser Sales (RFS) has introduced a new eddy current flaw detector from Ether NDE.

Manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom for the aerospace industry, the new AeroCheck eddy current flaw detectors have now been introduced in the Australian market.

Designed for use in typical eddy current inspections on aircrafts including paint thickness, sub-surface and surface crack detection, AeroCheck eddy current flaw detectors are also suitable for inspecting areas such as wheel brakes, wheels, landing gear, fasteners, engine mounts, fuselage, wing surface and hinges, bulkheads, door access points, engine blades, engine discs and more.

The AeroCheck is fitted with the industry standard 12-Way Lemo connector and co-axial Lemo 00 connectors for use with absolute, bridge and reflection probes without requiring adaptors. The AeroCheck includes rotary capability as standard and can be used with the ETher Mercury, Hocking 33A100, and Rohmann MR3 drive.

Key features of the AeroCheck eddy current flaw detectors include daylight readable LCD colour screen; 1.2kg weight; robust case; operable up to ten hours with a pencil probe and seven hours with the rotary drive and probe; intuitive menu options configurable to user preferences; and built-in ‘flip’ function allowing use by both left and right-handed operators.

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