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Advocating for women in aviation and aerospace

Engineers Australia’s General Manager of Policy and Advocacy Jenny Mitchell presented on a panel at the 10th annual Victorian Women in Aviation and Aerospace Australia Summit.

Hosted by Aviation/Aerospace Australia the summit brought together the public, private, civil and defence sectors to move the needle on gender diversity.

Mitchell presented on a panel about skills and future solutions in the aviation and aerospace industries.

Having worked at the Australian Space Agency before coming to Engineers Australia Mitchell has vast experience in strategic policy work in the sector.

“You don’t need to be an astronaut to be in the space sector and you don’t need to be a pilot to be in the aviation sector, so we need to think about the skills that people bring and how that applies in an industry, not necessarily in a particular role,” Mitchell said on the panel.

She told the audience that while her qualifications and experience are in policy planning and analysis, she has worked in the space and aviation sectors because her skills are transferable and so are many other skills from marketing to finance.

The panel also discussed flexible working options and how the sector could improve to better women’s career outcomes.

“Yes, we talk about flexibility and options to work part time, but I’ve worked part time for the last ten years and I know you still have to do all the full-time requirements of a job, all the reporting, all of the admin,” Mitchell said.

“The things that go are those leadership and development opportunities and those chances to work on the exciting projects. So, we need to do better there to support women to progress.”

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