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Advatek awarded $243,000 grant to install energy efficient CNC machines

Victoria-based Advatek has been awarded a $243,000 grant from the Government's Clean Technology Investment Program to install two energy efficient CNC machines that will reduce carbon emissions intensity by more than 22 per cent.

Advatek employs 13 people and has been based in North Bayswater since the mid‐1990s. The company writes its own internal CNC programs from either fully defined customer CAD designs or 2D drawings. 

Advatek makes high‐end, detailed components that require extreme accuracy and high precision machining for the medical, aerospace, communications and defence industries. 

In recent years Advatek have developed a reputation in CNC machining of small, intricate titanium components for medical implant applications. These components have micro-features needing to be cut completely burr free and with extreme accuracy.

One of Advatek's latest projects is to produce the intricate chassis components for Cochlear's ear implant devices.

The new equipment will replace six older machines, significantly cutting power consumption with shorter, more efficient machining time, and reducing compressed air usage.

The grant funding is on a 1:1 ratio – Advatek will match the $243,000 grant with its own money.

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