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Advantech wins Most Innovative Corporation Award in China

Advantech has been named the winner of ‘The Most Innovative Corporation Award’ 2009 by the CEOCIO China magazine and Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management.

During the six-month evaluation period, the organisers publicly requested and collected the nominations for innovative enterprises and the selection results were voted by an award committee composed of hundreds of entrepreneurs, consultants, education experts and media executives, according to Advantech.

The award committee said of Advantech: “With the most sharp-witted sense of judgment, Advantech has built up a standard intelligent platform in the exclusive and restricted embedded computer industry and clearly understood customer needs in detail as well as the need for unceasing innovation and change”.

According to Advantech, it regards the award as a testament to its corporate DNA innovation in product development, marketing, and business management.

The company says that a series of innovative ideas have been implemented throughout Advantech, such as developing low-power and low-carbon products for energy saving and reducing carbon emissions, integrating global manufacturing resources and service to meet flexible customer design requirements, and customisation manufacturing demands, all of which have driven the revenue growth above 8 per cent.

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