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Advantech industrial computer chassis wins awards

Advantech’s Compact Embedded Computer Chassis, the ARK-6000 Series, has won two ‘2008 Innovative Products’ awards, one at the China Industrial Control Website Annual Appraisal Ceremony, and the other at the China Automation Website Annual Appraisal.

Featuring front I/O interfaces, an embedded centralised platform, industrial design, and qualified thermal performance, the ARK-6000 Series was chosen for the outstanding usability that it presents to system integrators, says Advantech.

With comprehensive information in the industry, and 700,000 industrial registered users’ trust, plus close cooperation with nearly 500 dominant automation suppliers, the China Industrial Control Website Annual Appraisal Awards Ceremony attracted the participation of many on-line users.

According to the statistics, some 7,000 registered users joined in the voting, with many expressing their high anticipation to find out the winners of the primary awards, said Advantech.

Awards were made for creative products, distinguished papers, distinguished application cases, hottest annual news, and distinguished moderators of the China Industrial Control Website forum, best technical support, and distinguished blog of China Industrial Control Website.

“Professionals commented that the Advantech ARK-6000 series carries high modularity, flexibility and compactness all designed in. With just a few components, Advantech can provide the best and most cost-effective solution for customer applications,” said a press notice from Advantech.

“The Advantech ARK-6000 series provides a complete solution for space-limited industrial applications, and is ready now to order. Offering the rich functionality and scalable performance of Advantech Mini-ITX motherboards, the ARK-6000 series makes ideal platforms for fast-emerging markets requiring versatile display, rich I/O connectivity, and low power dissipation.”

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