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ADM supplies linear transducer for underwater depth measurement

ADM Instrument Engineering was recently approached by a customer seeking
a solution to measure the depth of their underwater sweep rig.

Avoiding water ingress and ensuring operational reliability in a marine
application while the device is subjected to high pressures underwater can be
extremely challenging. This customer’s project involved depths ranging up to

ADM recommended the UniMeasureHX-P420, a wire drawn linear transducer featuring
measuring ranges of up to 50m, and an IP68 ingress protection rating. The
transducer’s design allowed mounting away from the ‘action’, which meant it could
be mounted on a part of the rig above water. The IP68 rating ensures that the water
splashing on the transducer will not affect its operation.

The stainless steel rope option was selected to prevent corrosion from seawater
exposure. Steel rope, unlike laser and infrared beams cannot be reflected by
light, offering the customer the assurance of reliability in underwater depth

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