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ADM releases RDP LDC unguided linear displacement transducers

ADM Instrument Engineering announces the availability of the RDP LDC
series of unguided linear variable displacement transducers (LVDTs) suitable for
applications with very high speed movement, or many millions of cycles.

Benefitting from having no contact across the position sensing element, LVDTs
eliminate any risk of wear and tear, resulting in a linear position sensor with
a very long lifecycle. The armature in the LDC unguided unit is a completely
separate component to the body of the transducer, which means it moves in and
out of the armature tube without touching when the transducer is being
configured. This design makes it one of the most robust linear position sensors
available in the market.

Being a DC LVDT, the RDP LDC series offers the added convenience of
built-in DC to DC signal conditioning.

RDP LDC unguided linear displacement transducers
are perfect for applications that demand high speeds or a high rate of
repetitive movement, such as high performance automation and testing

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