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ADM releases new low cost clamp meters

ADM Instrument Engineering announces the release of a new range of low
cost clamp meters designed for general electrical testing and troubleshooting

The Lutron CM-9930 clamp meter is a heavy duty multi-meter rated to
CATIII-1000V. Constructed from heavy duty fireproof ABS, the instrument delivers
a DC and AC voltage measuring range up to 1000V, AC current to 2000A, and
resistance to 40 Mega Ohms. Frequencies can be measured up to 100 KHz and capacitance
to 50UF.

Featuring auto ranging, Lutron CM-9930 clamp meters incorporate a data
hold button that prevents the display from updating in the middle of reading

Key features of Lutron CM-9930 clamp meters include a water-resistant panel
suitable for outdoor use; easy-to-read backlit 0.6” LCD display; automatic
negative polarity indication; over input warning; and supplied complete with
instruction manual, a set of red and black test leads and a 500mA fuse.

The Lutron CM-9930 is available for immediate despatch from ADM’s

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