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ADM releases low cost sensors to detect linear moving targets

Several applications employ proximity sensors to detect a linear moving
target, cost being the primary driver of using such a solution. However, these
sensors can only inform the user if the target has reached one of the proximity
sensors or not.

But there are applications in which the user may want to know where the
target is exactly, at any given time. For instance, in the event of a power
interruption, the user may want their controller to know exactly where the
target is when the power is restored and the system restarted.

Contrary to general opinion, not all linear position sensors are
expensive; there are a few low cost solutions that work equally well without
compromising the reliability of the system. These include linear potentiometers
that are low cost devices and come in measuring ranges of 0 ~ 10mm through to 0
~ 300m. A wire drawn transducer may be more suitable for distance of travel up
to 2m.

When purchased in production quantities, these devices may not cost more
than the proximity sensors currently being used in applications.

ADM Instrument Engineering is Australia’s only authorised distributor
for Mean Well power supplies.

The new low cost EDR and NDR series are now

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