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ADM releases ESI LP1000 pressure transducers for low pressure applications

ADM Instrument Engineering introduces ESI’s LP1000 series of pressure
transducers designed for use in very low pressure applications.

Offering an operating range beginning as low as 0-50mbar while
maintaining high performance, the ESI LP1000 pressure transducers are specifically
designed for use in media such as air, non-corrosive gases and various liquids
compatible with silicone. The ESI LP1000 pressure transducer is perfect for
applications such as laboratory and testing, air and gas pressure monitoring,
leak detection, and low pressure liquid and hydrostatic pressure measurement.

An advanced sensor ensures very low hysteresis and excellent long-term
stability, which cannot otherwise be achieved when measuring very low pressure.

Designed as a remarkably low cost solution, the LP1000
pressure transducer features stainless steel housing, fluorosilicone seals and
silicone sensing element to help maintain accurate performance and deliver
excellent durability. The pressure sensors are available in pressure ranges
from 0-50mbar to 0-1000mbar and with electrical outputs of 0-100mV, 0-5Vdc,
0-10Vdc and 4-20mA.

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