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ADM offers Monitran accelerometers for condition monitoring

ADM Instrument Engineering has introduced a new range of accelerometers
from Monitran designed to suit different condition monitoring applications.

Analysing the vibration characteristics of rotating machines can help
prevent total failure of critical machine parts such as separators by ensuring
early detection of damage and avoiding costly shutdowns.

Every rotating machine has its own unique vibration characteristics,
which can change due to problems such as unbalance, or rolling element bearing
damage. Accelerometers can be utilised to analyse these vibrations and provide
early warning of any potential failure. By correcting these problems as part of
a routine maintenance program, one can avoid the high costs associated with
unforeseen major shutdowns.

Monitran’s MTN/2200 accelerometers are designed for general applications
with their design allowing easy mounting in difficult spaces. Key features include
frequency range of 0.8Hz to 12KHz; sealed to IP67; operating temperature range
of -55°C to +140°C; and internal electronics isolated to minimise noise and
offer good bias voltage stability.

Monitran’s MTN/1105 is recommended for high temperature applications
such as monitoring vibration of hot oil pumps. The high temperature
accelerometers can be mounted on surfaces up to 250°C.

Monitran also offers a range of IECEx certified accelerometers for use
in hazardous areas where there is a risk of explosion, such as mines. Side-entry
versions such as the MTN-1100IS series accelerometers are perfect, as they
require less headroom and offer streamlined cable routing from the sensor.

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