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ADM offers contactless rotary position sensors and inclinometers for the solar industry

ADM Instrument Engineering offers two technologies designed for
monitoring the position of solar collectors to maximise energy collection.

There is increasing dependence on solar power across Australia,
especially to provide peak load power on hot days. However, not all households
can install a domestic solar PV system, especially those located in apartment
blocks, which are better served by large scale solar farms.

Large scale solar farms employ some form of a solar tracking system to
ensure that maximum amount of energy is collected by the solar panels from the
sun’s rays at any given time. This means that the azimuth and altitude of the
sun have to be tracked and followed. ADM’s two technologies can be used to
monitor the position of the solar collectors at any time.

Contactless rotary position sensors can be used to give an accurate
position measurement from 0-360 degrees. Their contactless design eliminates
any risk of internal parts wearing out, ensuring maximum reliability.

Inclinometers can also be used for the same purpose as they can give a
measurement of angle in comparison to the level of the ground. ADM’s products are
designed to deliver a long service life in harsh industrial applications, an
important requirement for solar farms where downtimes need to be avoided and
maintenance shutdowns are extremely costly.

In addition to sensing devices, ADM is Australia’s only authorised
distributor for Mean Well’s highly reliable and cost-effective switching power
supplies. ADM is committed to stocking Mean Well’s broad range of enclosed and DIN
rail mounted industrial power supplies. ADM has also introduced the new HEP-600
600W harsh environment power supplies to the Australian market.

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