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Adelaide to get new $230 million defence industry hub

A new Centre for Defence Industry Capability will be announced today during a three-day visit to South Australia by prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The Advertiser reports that the centre will be worth $230 million over a decade, and its location is believed to be at the Osborne naval hub.

A joint statement from industry minister Christopher Pyne and Turnbull pitches the state at the centre of the revamped naval fleet.

"An innovative and competitive Australian Defence industry is critical to support the delivery of major capability projects, including the Future Frigates and Future Submarines," it reads.

The Centre was part of the Defence Industry Policy Statement, released with the Defence White Paper last month.

Naval will make up a quarter of new spending announced in the White Paper over the next decade.

The statement elevates the importance of the defence industry, which includes over 25,000 workers around 3,000 companies, and notes The Australian Financial Review. It refers to a partnership between the industry and defence, with this a "fundamental input to capability".

The Advertiser notes that today’s announcement will not settle questions about where the 12 new Future Submarines will actually be built.

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