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Adelaide to host 2024 International Renewable Energy Conference

Adelaide to host 2024 International Renewable Energy Conference

REN21, the Australian Government, the South Australian Government and the Clean Energy Council announced Adelaide, South Australia, has been selected as the host city for the Australia 2024 International Renewable Energy Conference (AUSIREC).

AUSIREC, held in April 2024, will bring together international Heads of State, Prime Ministers, Ministers and more than 3500 delegates to share the latest developments in renewable energy and plan for a renewable energy future.

Held biennially since 2005, the International Renewable Energy Conference is one of the world’s leading renewable energy events. Previous conferences have been held in Beijing, Washington DC, Delhi, Abu Dhabi, Cape Town, Mexico City, Seoul, and Madrid.

Clean Energy Council chief executive, Kane Thornton, said that the selection of Adelaide as the host of IREC 2024 is well-deserved recognition of Australia’s status as an emerging clean energy superpower.

“The Australian renewable energy industry is globally renowned for its clean energy transition, including leading the world in per capita rooftop solar installations and the rapid development of an emerging clean hydrogen export industry,” he said.

“South Australia is at the forefront of this transition, with the state the only gigawatt-scale grid in the world that regularly produces enough wind and solar power to meet all its energy needs.

“Hosting IREC 2024 in Adelaide presents a fantastic opportunity to not only showcase the Australian renewable energy industry to the world but also provides a practical demonstration of the immense possibilities of a clean energy future,” Thornton said.

AUSIREC will be the first time an IREC conference has been held in Oceania. As a result will place a strong focus on regional participation, particularly from Pacific Island nations.

Having leading voices from these nations involved in the conference will bring a unique perspective to AUSIREC and will serve to sharpen the focus of all delegates on the urgency of accelerating the global clean energy transition to reduce the impacts of global climate change.

Another key focus of AUSIREC will be the importance of First Nations Peoples to the global energy transition. As the home of the oldest continuing living culture in the world, Australia has a strong commitment to ensuring that its First Nations Peoples are included and benefit from the move to renewable energy.

Federal minister for climate change and energy Chris Bowen said,  “The future of energy in Australia and the world is renewable, and sharing the latest knowledge with international partners and experts will help make that vision a reality.

“Australia is on the path to becoming a renewable energy superpower. Forums like IREC will help us continue to work with global partners, the Pacific and First Nations, to address key challenges in renewable energy and find the best path to a clean energy future for all.”

REN21 Executive Director Rana Adib said, “Renewable energy delivers reliable, affordable energy services and supports development and climate objectives. It also creates opportunities for local income and jobs.

“But moving away from fossil fuels and building up renewable energy as the backbone of economy and society requires deep structural changes. It is also imperative to include stakeholders from across society to shape these new rules.”

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