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Achieving the highest level of industrial computer performance

There was a time when industrial PCs were a step behind the consumer PC market in terms of implementing the latest processors and advanced technologies. However, this isn’t the case with the B&R Automation PC 910, which has been built with cutting-edge Intel processors to deliver robustness, high reliability and long-term availability. This PC has a plethora of essential and advanced features that enable it to satisfy the requirements of various forms of manufacturing including metal working, food and beverage, automotive and pharmaceutical. Some of these features include:

Long-term availability
The typical lifespan of a B&R Industrial PC generation is at least ten years. B&R is able to achieve this by using silicon products from the Intel embedded roadmap, which features extended life cycle support that is far longer than standard products. In order to maximise computer availability, B&R plans its development activities around the roadmap, ensuring it is one of the first vendors to market with the most recent Intel products.

High reliability
Components with moveable parts, like system fans and hard disk drives, are particularly susceptible to environmental factors that can cause early failure. For this reason, the Automation PC supports fanless operation with Intel Core i7-3517UE and i3-3217UE processors, and optional Intel Solid State Drives that offer better performance and reliability than traditional hard drives.

High performance
Not long ago, industrial system developers were dealing with processors that topped 100 watts, which led to high board-level power consumption. Now, energy-efficient multi-core Intel processors are operating within a lower range; 17 to 45 watts. These industrial PCs are monitoring their active workloads while using power gating to significantly reduce energy usage wherever possible.

I/O and display flexibility
I/O interface options for the Automation PC include two ports for Intel Gigabit Ethernet Controllers, which are typically used to connect to machine and factory networks. There is one standard serial port and two modular ports for RS232/422/485 or CAN, together with USB 3.0 ports for connecting to peripherals, sensors, actuators, etc. as needed.

Remote system management
Manufacturers and industrial OEMs are increasingly turning to remote management solutions to diagnose, repair and get equipment online faster and at lower cost. Taking remote management to a new level, Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) allows consoles to fix a wider range of systems issues, even when the operating system is down. For example, it is possible to remotely repair corrupted drivers, application software or the operating system for a non-responsive retail system that won’t run or boot.

Powerful flexibility and new advancements for industrial computers
The Automation PC is based on third generation Intel Core processors and offers maximum performance for demanding tasks such as those that involve vision systems. The proven standard design of the Automation PCs has been retained while adding many new capabilities to keep up with the advancements being made on the PC market.

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