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ACEA changes its name and branding to better reflect function

The Association of Consulting Engineers Australia (ACEA) has changed its name to Consult Australia and has revealed a new logo, branding and website.

According to Consult Australia, the name and branding change will more closely reflect the multidisciplinary services that current members offer to their clients.

The name change will also help to distinguish the organisation as an Industry Association that represents the business needs of all firms delivering professional and technical services to the Built and Natural Environment, the association says.

“The aim of the association moving forward is to provide a stronger leadership voice for what our members do, which is now so multidisciplinary that to refer to ‘engineering’ alone is misrepresenting their breadth!” said Consult Australia CEO, Megan Motto.

“Very importantly, our members have said to us (quite strongly when you consider the support of the vote) that they want us to represent ALL of their business activities, which of course includes but is not limited to engineering services.

“We have also had very strong feedback from others including project management, planning and architectural professionals/practices that they would like to get more involved with the association’s activities, but that the current name was a bit of a barrier. Some of these offer no engineering services at all.”

According to Consult Australia, current members are consulting firms offering services such as consulting engineering, architecture, project management, planning, surveying and environmental consulting.

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