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ABB’s System 800xA Minerals Library enhances productivity with new features

ABB Australia announces the latest release of its proven process control
solution, System 800xA Minerals Library 5.1/5 with new features designed to
enhance productivity in cement, mining and mineral processing industries.

ABB’s new Minerals Library Release 5.1/5 is now available with enhanced
control, routing, yard and port functionalities.

Martin Knabenhans, Product Manager for Minerals Libraries at ABB explains
that the new improvements will lift the automation solution to the next level
by helping maintenance teams and operators benefit from optimised processes and
easy fault-finding capabilities, including on-line access to plant documentation.

He adds that leading global mining and cement companies have placed
their trust in System 800xA Minerals Library and the knowledge packed into it.

New Minerals Library 5.1/5 features include yard and port objects for
dynamic position visualisation and collision protection of stackers,
reclaimers, ship loaders and unloaders; recipe control module to handle
proportion and ratio control requirements with as many components as needed; enhanced
group and subgroup functions enabling easy, seamless engineering, operation and
maintenance of functional groups even when distributed in different process
controllers; standardised modules for challenging situations where a drive,
motor, valve or actuator is controlled by more than one functional group; and improved
maintenance and error control options for analogue and digital signals.

ABB’s System 800xA Minerals Library is a suite
of object-oriented software control modules, which enable users in several
cement and mining sites worldwide design process control and power applications
in an efficient and fully-parameterised manner. Successfully operating in more
than 400 industrial sites globally, the technology increases standardisation,
functionality and quality of process control software over the complete lifecycle
of a production facility.

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