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ABB wins at Asia Power Awards 2009 with DCS technology

ABB has received two awards for helping the Isogo Thermal Power Station in Japan and Heshuyuan Power Plant in China achieve low emissions while generating electricity at high efficiency.

ABB received the two awards at the Asian Power Awards 2009, in the Best Environmental Performance Power Plant category.

Isogo Thermal Power Station, operated by a leading Japanese utility company, J-Power, uses ABB’s Distributed Control System (DCS) for the Balance of Plant (BoP) in J-Power’s coal-fired power station in Japan.

This greenfield plant uses environmentally friendly multi-pollutant control technologies to simultaneously capture oxides of nitrogen and sulfur (NOx and SOx) and other particles in one vessel.

The ReACT (Regenerative Activated Coke Technology) dry-type desulfurisation and denitrification system used by the Isogo Thermal Power Station is designed to continuously regenerate and recycle activated coke, and to remove pollutants such as SOx, NOx, and soot and dust from flue gas.

The ReACT removes 99.9 per cent or more pollutants using regenerative activated coke, without producing waste water in the process, according to ABB.

ABB’s DCS enabled the control of four independent BOP systems from one single control room: the desulfurisation unit, sulfuric acid unit, waste water treatment plant and ash handling device.

“We are proud that ABB could join hands with J-Power in contributing to energy efficiency and emission reduction,” said ABB Japan president, Wolfram Opitz, who received the silver award on behalf of ABB.

“We are committed to helping customers improve operational excellence while lowering environmental impact. It is encouraging that our solution has been recognised by this regional premier award.”

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