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ABB to unveil IRB 4600 robot at NMW 2009

ABB’s new IRB 4600 robot — which has been described as the fastest, most accurate, low-weight, medium-sized robot ever with a 20 kg to 60 kg payload — will be revealed to the industry at National Manufacturing Week (NMW) 2009 in May in Melbourne.

ABB says its IRB 4600 robot will demonstrate the future of robotic technology on Stand 4902 during NMW at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from May 12 to 15.

Thanks to the new compact and optimised design resulting in a low weight, the IRB 4600 can cut cycle times of the industry benchmark by up to 25 percent, claims ABB.

NMW will also see the Australian launch of TrueView, a vision-guided robotic system which can see and react to changes in an industrial work environment. TrueView, which ABB says has been “massively successful overseas”, enables ABB’s robots to precisely locate the grip points of a disoriented object within a 3D space.

ABB will also have TrueMove/QuickMove, Multimove and Remote Service on show:

• Based on advanced dynamic modelling, TrueMove and Quickmove (standard with IRC5 Controller) are deisgned to optimise the performance of every ABB robot for the physically shortest possible cycle time and precise path accuracy;

• MultiMove which allows up to four robots to be synchronised by equipping each robot with its own drive module and share a common controller; and

• Remote Service, the latest technology in robot servicing, designed to enable a robot to automatically alert a central database via wireless GPRS technology and the internet if there is an error. The alert then triggers an SMS to ABB’s on-call service engineer who can immediately access a detailed data and error log and quickly identify the exact fault and respond appropriately.

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