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ABB, thankful for the MUSIC

ABB’s System 800xA Extended Automation AC 800M controller has achieved Mu Security’s Industrial Control (MUSIC) Foundation-level Certification.

The recently introduced MUSIC certification enables critical infrastructure and process control-focused organisations to verify a diverse range of network equipment and application protocols to meet industry-defined best practices for security, robustness and resiliency testing. Certification benchmarking ensures that ongoing plant and product safety is not compromised by hidden implementation flaws in industrial control systems.

Achieving “MUSIC” Certification confirms that the AC 800M meets industry-defined best practices for safety, reliability and security. During the evaluation process, the AC 800M met or exceeded the requirements of MUSIC’s multi-faceted security and stress tests.

“Control system security is a critical concern to our customers, and a key element of today’s control system strategies; MUSIC certification assures them that their control system meets or exceeds very stringent security and robustness criteria ,” said Alicia Bauer, Director of Systems Marketing, ABB Inc. “ABB is committed to providing our customers with trusted, high integrity solutions that will help them operate more safely, securely, and productively; our System 800xA AC 800M controller is one of the first controllers in the industry to have achieved both Foundation-level MUSIC and Achilles Level 1 security certification.”

MUSIC Certification and product safety benchmarking using the Mu-4000 appliance minimises oil, gas, chemical, paper, electrical and other process control product safety issues and minimises costly downtime due to implementation flaws in industrial control systems. The MUSIC program also provides a migration path to open industrial control systems security specifications currently under development by Government and Industry groups including ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI) and ISA SP99.

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