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ABB solution optimises production planning in cement plants

ABB has launched Knowledge Manager Production Scheduler, a software solution to manage and optimise production scheduling in cement plants.

It provides the customers with optimal planning functionalities based on real-time information, considering production goals, business constraints as well as volatile energy tariffs to increase the overall process efficiency.

Frequently varying production constraints in a cement plant – like lower performance of equipment, fast increasing material stock or failure in one of the production lines – demand immediate adjustments in the production schedule.

Thus, production scheduling is one of the most important activities for plant or production managers in order to achieve maximal operational efficiency.

ABB bundled its cement process knowledge to develop its Knowledge Manager Production Scheduler.

This application allows the user to create, evaluate and compare multiple scenarios before deciding which one to use. These scenarios are readily available when a production situation changes so that plant managers can quickly activate them.

This enables a very agile response, for example when it comes to an unplanned repair activity.

So, Production Scheduler optimises the decision-making process leading to a more efficient operation and higher productivity.

Making the right changes can bring vast benefits: cost savings for energy consumption, optimised stock management or enhanced equipment performance.

Knowledge Manager Production Scheduler main features are:

  • Forecast of inventory and energy consumption
  • Setting of goals and configuration of constraints
  • Scenario management

The solution has been successfully tested for over a year at selected pilot plants at Holcim, leading to the decision of rolling out the Production Scheduler globally. Over 20 installations have been completed during 2014, with more planned for the coming months.

The Production Scheduler is a new add-on to Knowledge Manager, one of ABB’s Collaborative Production Management solutions (CPM) for cement industries.

Knowledge Manager collects, stores, consolidates and presents relevant information while making it accessible to all relevant stakeholders. With ABB’s CPM solutions all operation, control, optimisation and business systems are integrated into one.

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