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ABB Robotics unveils second generation compact robot controller

ABB Australia announces the introduction of a new product to the IRC5
family of industrial robot controllers.

A second generation compact industrial robot controller, the IRC5C comes
equipped with most of the functionality and benefits of the larger IRC5, but in
an even smaller footprint measuring 310H x 449W x 442D mm.

The new IRC5C robot controller offers several advantages. The compact
and easy-to-integrate design allows for 25 percent smaller integrated
rack-mounted solutions, while the user-friendly control panel with easily
accessible cabling and connectors delivers improved user experience.
Incorporating all the features of its predecessor in addition to new
functionality, the controller also offers greater productivity.

The IRC5C also retains the superior motion control of its larger
counterpart. Featuring TrueMove and QuickMove, this motion control technology
is central to ABB Robotics’ proven performance in terms of accuracy, speed,
cycle-time, programmability and synchronisation with external devices.

Paolo Maggi, Product Manager, ABB Robotics explains that the IRC5C is 87
percent smaller than its larger counterpart while also allowing for easier integration,
valuable space savings and exceptional versatility without sacrificing
performance. He added that the IRC5C was also the perfect companion to ABB’s small
robot family.

Key features of the new IRC5C compact industrial robot controllers
include a simplified operator panel; improved cable connections for greater
ease-of-use and intuitive operation including external connectors for all
signals and a built-in expandable 16-in, 16-out I/O system; superior motion
control despite a small size; and easy integration of additional hardware and
sensors, such as ABB’s Integrated Vision.

All ABB Robotics products are fully supported by the ABB Robotics’
global sales and service organisation in 53 countries and over 100 locations.

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