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ABB China deploys first ever palletising robot in local coal mine

ABB has delivered four IRB 660 palletising robots to the Datong Coal Mine Group, China, to be used in the Tashan coal mine. Supported by brick machinery components from Shandong Gongli, the ABB robots will play a key role in producing bricks primarily for adobe palletising.

In the process of coal mining the extraction process produces waste materials and rock. This waste is then reused by coal mines to make bricks. Four ABB IRB 660 robots have been applied to the brick production lines of Tashan coal mine. They are responsible for palletising the adobe and putting it into the brick kiln, a task that previously had been be handled by manual workers.

After introducing the ABB robots, the palletising accuracy has improved. The orderly placement of adobes in the brick kiln has been ensured, increasing product quality. It allows the flexibility to change the types of bricks, the production pace, product code and the kiln. In addition, ABB robots can operate in high temperatures and harsh environments.

The ABB IRB 660 is well suited for material handling and palletising. With a payload of up to 250 kg, this 4-axis robot has a reach of 3.15 meters. A single IRB 660 unit equals and delivers over 30 percent more operational precision compared to the industry average, making it one of the best in the industry.

Tashan coal mine is the first of its kind to embrace the sustainability lifecycle chain in China’s coal mine industry.

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