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ABB appoints technical partner for medium voltage drives

ABB have announced their first medium voltage (MV) drives technical partner Robin Johnson Engineering in Australia.

ABB engaged Australian based engineering, design, project management and construction company Robin Johnson Engineering (RJE) who specialise in mining and wind power as a partner due to RJE holding the right skill set and experience to support the specialised portfolio of medium voltage drives in an ongoing agreement.

RJE focuses on and provide a high level of expertise in high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage electrical, instrumentation and control works in the mining and resources, power generation and distribution and heavy industrial sectors.

The collaborative venture between the companies will strengthen the relationship between ABB and RJE and ensure the best end product for the customer. The customer will receive additional in-house support directly from RJE and also have the confidence backed by ABB’s experience in large power drive projects.

“Our technical partners are a vital part of our overall business strategy and shall grow with us as we bring first class customer service to our clients,” said Bruce Gray, LV and MV drives manager, ABB Australia.

“The alliance with RJE will allow for an exchange of information on product application and engineering expertise and lead to a better understanding for ABB of the niche mining market, which will ensure consistency, speed and efficiency in customer service.

“This kind of direct interaction betweens companies is crucial for all parties in order to create understanding of future needs and to enable partners to take full advantage of new and upcoming ABB product features and technologies. The partnership aims to attain greater market coverage, expansion and penetration through the use of cumulative knowledge for ABB.”

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