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Aaeon Systems, InduSoft sign co-marketing agreement

SCADA supply companies Aaeon Systems and InduSoft have signed a co-marketing agreement to “add mutual value for their customers”, according to a joint press notice.

The relationship will enable both SCADA suppliers to present a collaborative marketing effort showcasing their respective products to customers, the notice said.

The two companies already have complimentary products and share overlapping clients.

“We already have so many common customers, it makes sense to formally develop the lines of communication between our two companies,” said InduSoft vice president of business development, Marcia Gadbois.

The companies’ respective product offerings will allow them to work together on projects for remote and low power hardware combined with web-enabled software.

Industries such as oil and gas, water and wastewater, alternative energy and building automation are the main target industries for the new partnership.

“Partnering with InduSoft not only strengthens our product line offerings, but adds value to our customers who are looking for complete software and hardware solution in one package,” said Aaeon product manager, Kevin Lin.

Aaeon offers a range of computer solutions including embedded single board computers, panel and automation solutions, industrial system solutions and industrial mobile solutions.

InduSoft Web Studio Software runs on all of these devices.

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