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A server course would serve you well

A Wonderware Information Server 3.0 course will take place at Homebush, NSW on 1st and 2nd May 2008.

The course explains how to set up a Wonderware Information Server, convert InTouch windows for viewing on the Internet, connect to the most common factory- data sources, and maintain a Web server.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to share information and reports, convert and publish InTouch windows. Add links, and customise a portal to present information to different types of users. You will also learn how to check the status of machinery on the plant floor, view I/O at remote sites and multiple plants, and retrieve data on current production and batch yields.

Additionally, you will be able to set up a server, connect to data sources, and view the data on your Information Server Web Portal. You will receive information regarding XML, alarm-data retrieval, registry information, and animation and scripts supported by InTouch software. This course also offers usability tips, decodes common error messages and answers some frequently asked questions pertaining to the Wonderware Information Server.

For more information contact, (02) 9763 5422.

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