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A good year for the IICA

It seems almost impossible to register that we are virtually at the end of the first decade of the 21st century. But there it is — 2011 is just around the corner! As I look back over the past year, I feel the need to highlight just a few of the many successful achievements.

The single biggest success story of 2010 has to be the review and overhaul of the IICA’s Rules and By-Laws.

This process took over 12 months from start to finish and resulted in bringing our Rules and By-Laws into currency and practical relevance to present day needs.

The unqualified approval from the Victorian Department of Consumer Affairs in September this year was the final stage in that process.

Another initiative was the formation of the Tasmanian Branch of the Institute. This came about as a result of efforts by a number of key Tasmanian members who felt that once there was a formal branch, it would act as an impetus for driving growth in Tasmanian members.

Although the new branch is only in its early phase, it is indicative of regional interest in the IICA. Well done Tasmania, I am confident 2011 will bring success! If you are a Tasmanian resident interested in being involved with the IICA please contact Cathie Tynan at or the Tasmanian Committee at

We are extremely fortunate in having gained the services of Graham Moss, the IICA Training Manager. Graham has worked tirelessly in taking on responsi bility for our educational courses and related matters, including working on converting the ISA training courses to Australian Standards.

The ISA Training Course calendar for 2011 is currently being reviewed and a wide range of courses are being sched uled around Australia. Keep an eye on your inbox or the IICA website at to see what is coming up in your area.

Members will recollect that Federal Council approved the renewal of an updated Fellow Membership category for the Institute late last year.

New criteria were drawn up and approved by Council and a Fellow Review Committee comprising existing Fellow Members Ian Gibson, John Dusting, John Bergin and Gavin Willox was set up. A trial application procedure was commenced with a number of potential candidates who looked as though they might meet the criteria. After what turned out to be a rather lengthy process, including the need for some relatively minor, but necessary adjustments to the criteria, the Fellow Review Committee was satisfied that both the Application and the Selection processes are now working well.

I’m pleased to announce that four Fellows have been appointed under the new criteria. They are Kevin Barnes from Perth Branch and Phillip Ring, Geoff Rogers and Bob Weiss from Melbourne Branch. Congratulations to each of the inaugural new Fellow Members! There is no change to the Fellow Membership held by previous Fellows.

Finally, to every IICA Member and his or her family, I trust each of you had a very happy Christmas, and look forward to a successful and rewarding 2011.

[Dirk Kuiper is IICA Federal President.]

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