5 ways to stay relevant in your engineering career

5 ways to stay relevant in your engineering career

The world and its technologies are rapidly changing. Engineers are at the heart of this. Climate change, sovereign capability, innovation and infrastructure are just some of the areas in in which engineering plays a crucial part.

To that end it’s never been more important for engineers to continue learning – to adapt, pivot and move their careers forward.

Engineers Australia Chief Engineer Jane MacMaster FIEAust CPEng says engineers must ensure their knowledge and skills remain relevant to a very dynamic industry.

“Engineers need to keep developing and retaining that ability to learn.”

“Communication, stakeholder engagement, risk management and ethical practice are all key areas that need to be maintained.”

MacMaster says these skills are fundamental to what it means to practice as an engineer.

“Risk management is part of most engineers’ roles and fundamental to engineering work. As the challenges engineers work on become more complex, more interdisciplinary teams are required to work on them. Engineers need to be able to work effectively in these teams, so communication and stakeholder engagement skills are now regarded as essential.”

1. Build your communication skills 

As an engineer, your technical competency is assumed to be at a high standard. But what really gets projects moving are your communication and interpersonal skills.

“Engineers Australia provides an array of professional development opportunities to maintain and refresh these skills. These include micro-credentials that provide engineers flexible pathways to build and verify their skills to a recognised standard, through previous or current work,” MacMaster says.

“Many webinars and on-demand videos are free for members. Or there’s the option to work towards a Chartered credential, which recognises both technical ability and leadership and communication skills and are kept current through lifelong learning and continuing professional development.”

For a limited time, non-members can access a selection of on-demand videos and webinars free for one month.

2. Keep your technical expertise up to scratch  

Engineers have always needed to stay on top of new information and emerging technologies, and this will matter more than ever in the future.

Membership to Engineers Australia includes complimentary access to technical journals, the world’s largest engineering database, discounts on engineering short courses and micro-credentials and access to a growing video library of webinars. Get access to this library free for one month.

3. Connect with other engineers, and not just in your field

Through an organisation like Engineers Australia, there are multiple opportunities to connect with engineers from all disciplines, and all walks of life, through local events, mentoring opportunities and online communities and forums.

4. Keep up with trends and forecasts 

Staying up to date with new ideas and technologies is crucial to staying relevant, allowing you to think differently to come up with unique solutions.

Subscribe to industry publications for a regular dose of inspiration you can take into your own work.

And as a member of Engineers Australia, you can get discounted tickets to our engineering conferences, featuring world-class leaders and innovators.

5. Get involved with the engineering community to make a difference 

” Volunteering is a great way to give back to the engineering community, allowing you to have a positive influence on the future of engineering,” says MacMaster.

“This can include contributing to policy and advocacy on behalf of the profession.”

Become a member with Engineers Australia and gain access to a myriad of expertise, events and professional relationships. 

Access career-changing resources like these with an Engineers Australia membership.

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