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20-inch tablet with CAD applications


Panasonic Toughbook has unveiled its 20-inch 4K tablet, designed for CAD applications, technical services, healthcare, photography, professional video productions and high-end retail. The FZ-Y1 Toughpad is said to make it easy to create, edit and transport drawings, images and videos on a tablet PC in Ultra HD 4K resolution.

In the media, broadcast or photography industry, the tablet allows instant and detailed review of images or video footage. The retail industry can benefit from an attractive and stylised device for showroom demonstrations, and creative agencies, engineering and architectural firms will value the tablet for its detailed design collaboration capabilities. Healthcare professionals can also view scans and x-ray images with greater clarity and precision, according to the company.

To protect the slim 12.5mm-thin unit, the silver bezel and 4K display panel are mounted on a magnesium alloy frame, and enclosed in a reinforced glass fibre case. For collaborative working, the tablet incorporates a 10-point multi-touch screen and a highly detailed 230 pixel-per-inch IPS Alpha LCD display with a 15:10 aspect ratio, suitable for displaying blueprints and other A3 sized documents.

The tablet provides the performance of a desktop with an Intel Core i5-5300U vPro Processor, HDMI 2.0 input, Windows 10 Pro and a 256GB SSD. It is built to handle a 76cm drop to its back while operating, and 30cm drops to 26 angles when nonoperational.

Combined with accessories such as the optional desktop cradle and carrying case solution, the device can be used as both a desktop PC and tablet. The cradle converts into a tilted stand to allow the tablet to be used in drafting table mode, and offers additional connectivity port options. A VESA-compatible mounting adaptor plate is also available.


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