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Bosch Australia launches Learn@Bosch sparking enthusiasm for STEM

Bosch aims to get students interested in STEM subjects at school by providing a real-world and inspiring context for learning. Rather than sending employees out to schools, Bosch Australia invite students by the busload to visit its Clayton headquarters to experience first-hand industry applications of STEM.

Addressing the decline in STEM study
Around the globe, research points to an overall decline in the number of students pursuing STEM subjects. Furthermore, a recent study suggests that females comprise only 16 per cent of the STEM workforce. Considering that a predicted 75 per cent of future jobs will require STEM study, this does not bode well for the future labour force. For this reason, Bosch Australia view the Learn@Bosch program as long-term investment into an innovative and diverse talent pipeline for years to come.

Learn@Bosch helps to answer ‘Why?’ and demonstrate ‘How?’
Pivotal to engaging children in learning is answering the questions of ‘Why?’ it is important and ‘How?’ it can be applied in the context of their lives. The Learn@Bosch program addresses both of these questions in a fun and interactive tour featuring augmented reality, highly automated driving, robotics, the factory of the future and 3D printing. This is complimented by a 45-minute onsite coding class facilitated by the Monash University Chapter of ‘Robogals’ – a student run organisation that aims to inspire and empower young women to consider studying engineering and related fields.

Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel, who attended the launch, noted the important role that industry leaders can play in opening doors to opportunity through education.

“The key to inspiring our children to aim high is to let them experience science in a real-world context: tackling problems, improving our lives,” Dr Finkel said.

Current bookings will see over 1,000 students attend Learn@Bosch in 2018. However, Bosch Australia recognise the importance of building continued engagement with the students to extend their STEM journey.

Bosch Australia President, Gavin Smith, said “In a tech company as diverse as Bosch, the learning opportunities are limited only by the imagination.”

There are plans for future sessions to include the Internet of Things, smart agriculture and hydraulics – all geared towards sparking enthusiasm for STEM.

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