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Product recall for pumps

A recall for Grundfox pumps has been issued by Product Safety Australia. The Grundfos Unilift model AP12, AP35 and AP50 pumps are one-phased single-stage submersible pumps designed for pumping water. In the mobile application, the pumps are used ad hoc and are not fixed in a stationary application, e.g. for emptying out pools or ponds or to be used in case of flooding.

Only Unilift AP12, AP35 and AP50 pumps produced from January 2017 to January 2018 are affected.

The main problem has been identified as the inner insulation of the wires in the power cable may be insufficient.

There might be a risk of electric shock if the metal housing of the pump is touched directly by a user or with material that can conduct electricity.

Shock may occur if:

  • the defect is present
  • the power cable is bent or twisted sufficiently to cause a connection between the live or neutral wire and the protective Earth; and
  • neither grounding nor an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker is present.

Consumers should stop using the affected pumps immediately. Grundfos or a Grundfos partner/distributor will provide owners with information on how to identify whether a product is affected and how to arrange for a repair or replacement of affected pumps. The information is also provided on (link is external)

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