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Aussie inventors world leaders in holographic technology

Adelaide-based Voxon Photonics is changing the way that we interact with digital 3D content with its Volumetric Display technology, a  combination of hardware and software that enables multiple people to explore and manipulate complex data in a collaborative and socially engaging way, and all without having to wear special glasses or headgear.

Co-founders Will Tamblyn and Gavin Smith, along with the rest of the Voxon Photonics team, believe that a clear technical vision supported by focus, discipline and determination can potentially lead to some of the most ground-breaking inventions on the planet.

The technology has been over nine years in the making, and their first product, the Voxon Photonics VX1, is an intricate blend of photonics, electronics, mechanics and optimised software.

The Voxon team is pioneering new ways of manipulating and control millions of points of light with micro-second precision. Like a lot of technological startups, the company’s beginnings were modest – in the shed, experimenting with laser pointers, lathes and lawnmower engines.

Investment to date equates to a $1 million in private syndicated seed round, a $50,000  grant from the University of South Australia’s Venture Catalyst Program, and a $25,000 grant from the AMP Tomorrow Fund. The team completed the Venture Dorm program at the New Venture Institute at Flinders University and have based their headquarters at the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing at Tonsley.

Voxon’s technology is currently being evaluated by companies around the world as well as  in South Australia. Medical Imaging, advertising, simulation, education, video gaming and archaeology are among the use cases that are currently being explored.

It is envisioned that doctors would potentially be able to see and rotate the human heart holo image in full 3D creating the basis for a safer and more complete operating environment. Similarly medical students now have access to a more informative, interactive and intensive medial training by utilising this technology.


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