4 channel wireless strain gauge amplifier features Bluetooth interface

Bestech Australia introduces the GSV-4BT, a four channel strain gauge amplifier with standard Bluetooth 2.0+EDR interface suitable for wireless data acquisition. 

Featuring four independent channels, the measuring unit can amplify signals from sensors with strain gauges such as force, torque, acceleration and strain sensors. 

The GSV-4BT strain gauge amplifiers are lithium battery powered wireless amplifiers that only consume <150mA in operation and <10mA at rest. The GSV-4BT is available with extended range and can be used for the connection of strain gauge full bridges, half bridges, and optional quarter bridges using 350 Ohm for connection in three-wire technique. The Bluetooth amplifier has a data rate at 0.6-125 Hz, trigger input and a 16 bit ADC. 

Bestech Australia also offers single channel wireless amplifier GSV-3BT with Serial Port Profile (SPP) at even lower power consumption, ranging up to 20m in buildings and 100m with visual connection. 

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