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3D printer maker to distribute industrial grade printers

Victorian 3D printer manufacturer 333D has signed a distribution agreement with Prodways, which will see 333D becoming the exclusive AU/NZ distributor of Prodways' printers.

The agreement covers Prodways' current range of printers as well as future models expected to be released in the next 12-18 months. Prodways is a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, and produces large format industrial-grade and end-use parts-grade 3D printers.

A key feature of the Prodways printers is the patented MOVINGLight technology, which is a moving direct light projection (DLP) head. This allows the projection of the image to cure as the head moves.

Moving a DLP over a large build area allows the individual images to be small and light powerful, hence much more focused and more precise than if they covered the whole platform and did not move. The result is extremely high resolution across the entire build platform combined with high speed production.

Prodways' industrial grade systems are currently used by healthcare, aerospace, energy and defence companies globally. These systems are capable of producing end use parts with extreme accuracy and efficiency.

The printers utilise materials either developed internally by Prodways' Materials business, or in partnership with key companies, allowing the production of components in industrial grade materials, for high strength applications as well as both biomedical devices and bone substitute materials for rapid custom implant fabrication.

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