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3D printed guns available for $250 in Australia: report

report on the black market for weapons in Australia last night mentioned that
the Liberator, a 3D printed gun, was available through an Australian-based
vendor for $250.

7.30 program reported that the Liberato
r, invisible to metal scanners and available
in a range of calibres, was sold through the website Agora.

The Agora Market is a hidden website where users anonymously sell and buy contraband.

“These are
properly made,” vendor ReadySetGo told the ABC.

“I have fired them,
by hand, safely.”

The Liberator
achieved infamy last year when its designer, a University of Texas law student
named Cody Wilson, made plans for the single-shot weapon available online.

It was reported that Wilson’s files for his gun had been downloaded over 100,000
times before authorities asked for them to be taken down.


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