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3D metrology software

InnovMetric Software has announced PolyWorks 2016, the latest release of the company’s universal 3D metrology software platform.

Available from Hi-Tech Metrology, the software package fully supports probing and laser scanning on stationary CNC CMMs that is said to delivers a truly universal 3D metrology workflow that will allow users to operate any type of portable metrology and CNC CMM measurement device within a common framework, from a single software module, and using similar tools and methods.

The company says that with PolyWorks 2016, the definition of what constitutes a universal platform takes on a new meaning: a universal hub that interfaces with any type of 3D metrology measurement device, and offers a universal workflow for performing all inspection tasks.

According to the company, this innovative end-to-end approach will significantly lower the total cost of software ownership for industrial manufacturers as it eliminates metrology workflow silos, decreases the cost of training, facilitates broader collaboration between teams, ensures consistency in measurement results, and increases workforce mobility.

With PolyWorks 2016, portable metrology and CNC CMM operators are now able to define a measurement plan without being physically connected to a specific measurement device; specify geometry controls on measurement objects and prepare inspection reports; connect to a non-contact or a contact-based portable metrology device, or to a CNC CMM controller (from Hexagon, Mitutoyo, Nikon, Pantec, Wenzel, and I++ servers), to play the measurement sequence; and review measured object geometry controls and reports, or multi-piece inspection results through the built-in SPC functionality.

Operating portable metrology and CNC CMM devices within a common framework is now possible with the introduction of two new components of the software: the measurement sequence editor and the offline simulation.

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