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3D Metalforge becomes qualified supplier for Flowserve

3D Metalforge

3D Metalforge, an additive manufacturing company, is now a qualified manufacturing partner for Flowserve’s Supply Chain, following a successful Virtual Quality Management System (QMS) audit by Flowserve’s APAC supply chain team. 

Flowserve is a US$5.5 billion market cap company and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pumps, valves and seals. With a 2020 revenue of US$3.7B, Flowserve has 19,000 employees in over 60 countries and over 180 Quick Response Centres (QRCs) which provide aftermarket parts and services to customers, globally. 

As a qualified manufacturing partner, 3D Metalforge can now supply pump impellers in stainless steel to Flowserve’s QRCs in the Asia Pacific region. The centres are located at most major industrial customer areas around the world, to allow for rapid delivery of standard parts. 

“We have been working closely with Flowserve since 2018 supporting their additive manufacturing R&D efforts and offering faster response times than traditional supply routes for spare part replacement,” 3D Metalforge managing director Matthew Waterhouse said. 

“Today’s qualification now accelerates 3D Metalforge’s commercial activities with Flowserve.” 

3D Metalforge will be inducted into Flowserve’s qualified vender list, whereby their APAC customers will have the alternative option to purchase the company’s impeller replacements, instead of parts made through traditional methods.  

A common and high use rotating component of a centrifugal pump, a pump impeller accelerates fluid outward from the centre, transferring energy from the motor to the fluid itself. 

The global centrifugal pump market is projected to reach a size of US$48.8B by 2026 at a CAGR of 5.9 per cent, from an estimated US$36.6B in 2021. 

The 3D Metalforge pump impellers supplied to Flowserve will be manufactured at its Singapore facility, offering several benefits over traditional manufactured parts. Recently, the company printed 10 closed impellers for one of Flowserve’s end use customers, resulting in a 50 per cent reduction in lead time compared to traditional casting. 

3D Metalforge will harness its supplier qualification and work towards expanding its services to multiple QRCs in the APAC region, extending the approval to other regions including the US and Europe. Research and development work will also continue to qualify new materials and additive manufacturing technologies with Flowserve’s Singapore R&D team. 

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