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3D Hubs reaches 5,000 sites

3D Hubs has reached what it claims to be a “critical mass”, announcing that it had reached 5,000 sites in over 80 countries.

The maker-oriented company, which was started by two ex-3D Systems employees, describes itself as
a “collaborative production platform
for 3D printer owners and people who want to print.”

The company
began only last August last year with 500 hubs, claims that it now provides
access to over 750 million people within 10 miles of their homes.

“Our goal is to turn the manufacturing industry on its
head, and enhance our market position through increased speed and direct
communication with a local 3D printer operator,” said Brian Garret, chief technology officer co-founder.

Forbes likens the early, rapid spread of 3D Hubs to the initial success of
Kinko’s, a US copying business that was founded in 1970s by Paul Orfalea (and
was later acquired by FedEx).

The company has numerous sites in Australia, claiming 15 in Sydney, for example.


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