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IDC Technologies 2023: Hydrogen Safety & Hazardous Areas Conference

IDC Technologies 2023: Hydrogen Safety & Hazardous Areas Conference

Four weeks to go! Book your place to attend the inaugural Hydrogen Safety & Hazardous Areas Conference on 22 & 23rd  February, in Brisbane.

International and national speakers presenting technical papers, case studies, and demonstrations. You will learn about standards, best safety practices and new findings relating to hydrogen safety & hazardous areas.

Here is an opportunity to get a deep understanding on all aspects of hydrogen safety and hazardous areas, including avoiding serious accidents in the workplace.

Meet new colleagues and learn about standards, procedures, regulations, risk mitigation, and static electricity to name a few. This conference will help you perform your role safely whilst adhering to the latest regulations.

The Hydrogen Safety & Hazardous Areas Conference is a practical and informative platform to showcase best practices, new technologies, new and improved standards and regulations for hazardous areas and the safe use of hydrogen. It is an opportunity to be part of this rapidly changing move to renewables where knowledge and safety are the focus.

Day one of the conference will concentrate on hydrogen. Hydrogen’s cryogenic properties require additional engineering controls and understanding to ensure its safe use. Safe practices in the production, processing, transportation and utilisation of hydrogen are essential to protect direct stake holders from injury or death.

These practices are also necessary to prevent damage to equipment, facilities and surroundings. Any potential accident or incident could negatively impact the public’s perception of hydrogen as viable, safe, and a clean alternative to conventional energy systems – thus making it difficult to commercialise these developing technologies.

The hazardous areas sessions will highlight new technologies, best practice, and outline the updates to standards and regulations designed to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. The economic impact of accidents will also be considered when explosions and fires due to the ignition of flammable vapours, dust clouds or even static electricity are prevented.

Thanks to our gold sponsor: Bartec and our supporting sponsor AECOM.

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