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2016 – Machinery safety training

Pilz 2016 Training Calendar

(Download PDF above for a list of Pilz’s 2016 Machinery Safety Training events.)

All courses (overview)

MachineSAFE Introduction (1 Day)

This popular training course has been designed to provide a machinery safety overview on how to make machinery safe. The course includes the key points of machinery safety including methodology for risk assessments, safety validation, guarding, safety principles and safety control systems with reference to WHS legislation and AS/NZ 4024.1 – 2014 Safety of Machinery.

MachineSAFE Advanced (2 Days)

The MachineSAFE Advanced course is a follow on from the MachineSAFE Introduction training and has been specially developed for technical staff who are involved in assessing, building or upgrading safety features on machinery. It explores in detail the key aspects of mechanical and electrical safety design for machinery with specific references to Australian/New Zealand legislation and standards.

NEW! Risk Assessment Workshop (1 Day)

A specialised training course developed in order to help participants acquire the extensive knowledge and skills needed to risk assess machinery in accordance with AS/NZ 4024.1201. The risk assessment workshop uses images and videos to guide you through the risk assessment process on machinery – it’s always interactive and practically based identifying hazards and performing risk evaluations.

NEW! CE Marking (1 Day)

This training course has been designed for machine builders who are required to export machinery into Europe and need to comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and other requirements with regard to the CE marking process. This course provides the answers about roles and responsibilities of machine builders and machine operators. It also covers the corresponding standards, which refer to the design, construction and maintenance of machines placed on the European market.

Safety Design AS/NZ 4024.1503 (1 Day)

Pilz have developed a new course dedicated to the Design of Safety Related Parts of Control Systems. The aim of this course is to enable attendees to develop a greater understanding of the processes and standards related to safety control system specification, design and validation with reference to ISO 13849. Learn how to use the popular PAScal tool to calculate and verify performance levels.

Robot Safety (1 Day)

This specialised training course is aimed at providing participants with an understanding of robot safety requirements and examines the increased risks associated with robotic systems. The course will demonstrate how to achieve safety and analyse risk reduction while still maintaining high productivity with reference to best practice standards including ISO 10218 and AS/NZ 4024.3301.

CMSE® – Certified Machinery Safety Expert (4 Days)

The CMSE® course has been specifically developed to provide professionals with an expert level of training in the area of machinery safety. CMSE® training deals with the complex technical issues surrounding machinery safety and enables an understanding of the machinery lifecycle. This training is independently certified by TUV NORD, as an international certification body and the qualification is globally recognised enabling a 360° approach to machinery safety.


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