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200 new jobs with Oracle’s digital sales hub


Oracle Australia has announced that it will create 200 new jobs as part of its support for cloud technologies. The company has plans to build a digital sales hub in Sydney that will house a new team of over 200 digital sales professionals, aimed at helping more mid-size organisations transition to the cloud quickly and seamlessly.

According to the company, the digital team will deliver simple, personalised and effective support to customers using the latest tools, techniques and technologies to transform the buying experience. The team will be equipped with resources such as “Smart Walls” (to deliver real-time demos to customers anywhere in the world), “Social Listening Hubs” (to allow the sales team to stay ahead of industry and customer trends in real-time) and one-click contracts.

“Cloud is changing the heart of business in Australia, and at an unprecedented pace; we are seeing companies selecting and starting to use their new platforms in less than six weeks in some cases,” said Rob Willis, managing director of Oracle Australia and New Zealand.

“Marketing can optimise their campaigns on the fly. Finance can get figures in hours when it used to take days or even weeks. HR can accurately analyse future workforce trends, and take pre-emptive steps to keep top talent engaged and productive,” he added.

The new hub is expected to open in the next 12 months within the company’s facilities at North Ryde.

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