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$12 million robot dairy for “Gen-Y cows”

Northcliffe-based dairy, Bannister Downs, is working on a $12 million automatic milking operation that is expected to be the most modern robot dairy in Australia.

According to The West Australian, the Automatic Milking Rotary, which uses laser-guided robots to place and remove the milking cups on the cows, will milk 950 cows twice a day and will require no human intervention.

The dairy’s co-owner, Sue Daubney, said "They're Gen-Y cows … They come and go as they please. It's all about them."

The technology is expected to be completed in early 2016.

Bannister Downs is a 100 tonne a week milk and cream producer with 2,500 cows and more than 1000ha of farmland.

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