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1-channel compact low cost capacitive sensor and controller for OEM applications

Bestech Australia presents a new range of capacitive controllers from

Compatible with all sensors of the Micro-Epsilon capaNCDT series, the
new capaNCDT 6110 capacitive controller available from Bestech Australia offers
several technical advantages at a low cost.

The compact design and user-friendly handling make the capaNCDT 6110
sensor suitable for measuring displacement, distance and position in a diverse
range of applications from test cells to highly automated environments.

Offering a standout performance at a low cost, the compact capacitive controller
is particularly suitable for OEM and high volume applications including thickness
measurement, coordinates measurement, level tilting, brake testing and vibration

Key features of capaNCDT 6110 capacitive
controllers include system resolution of 0.015% FSO at a bandwidth of 1 kHz; user-friendly
plug and play operation; adaptability for OEM applications; and full
compatibility with the capaNCDT product portfolio.

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