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$1.4 million to supply adaptive traffic management controllers

MELBOURNE-based Traffic Technologies says its subsidiary Quick Turn Circuits has taken a $1.4 million order to supply traffic controllers to Saudi Arabia.

Traffic Technologies acquired Quick Turn Circuits in December 2013, and spent the last few months integrating the company into the group.

The order from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will see Quick Turn Circuits suplying traffic controllers, associated software and spare parts. The order will be delivered from late June 2014, with final deliveries to take place in the early part of the 2015 financial year.

The supply order means that the Sydney Coordinated and Adaptive Traffic Systems and QTC’s Hadron traffic controllers will work in tandem to convert the cities of Dammam, Tabuk and Abha in Saudi Arabia to full adaptive traffic management systems.

Quick Turn Circuits will be responsible for supplying the Hadron traffic controllers and the Sydney Coordinated and Aadaptive Traffic Systems, as well as installation and commissioning of the Central Manager software.

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